Monday, November 23, 2009

A little bit of Memphis and my favorite Memphibians

As per usual, I'm posting my pictures about a week late. This time, Memphis shots as I'm leaving St. Louis. Which means you'll see St. Louis roughly as I'm leaving Chicago. And so on, and so lovely forth.

Every morning during my stay in Memphis I woke on my living room futon to the sound of a tiny voice in the kitchen: 'Where's Sharona?' 'She's in there, on the futon.' A few seconds later I would hear the same small voice, this time much, much closer: 'I want a hug.' He didn't shake me, or pat me, or even bother to find out if I was awake. He just stated  his desire and simply waited. As a result, I got out of bed every morning in pretty much the greatest mood humanly possible. He was impossible not to love instantly.

Introducing Elek, the precious precious PRECIOUS three year old son of Diana and Peter, my Memphibian hosts. Diana (or 'Dinana,' as I like to call her) and I go way back to our college days, and Peter is her esposo, who had the good sense to escape for work before this photo shoot. His son, however, LOVED the camera. He did everything I asked for, and in spades: 'Elek, give me post-apocalypse angel!' and he'd gaze tragically toward the heavens. 'Elek, give me 'I live in a forest!' and he'd stand in a V with arms outspread. 'Give me rockstar!' and you'd get KISS. He'd stand anywhere he was asked, in whatever posture you asked for, and would patiently make whatever expression you could possibly desire: happy! sad! depressed alcoholic! He was a genius. I've never photographed anyone like this in my life. And he's THREE. He's obviously inherited his mother's modeling gene.


  1. What a great way to wake up! He is so cute, love those beautiful blond curls.

  2. I LOVE the pictures! I hope we can snag full size digital copies. Maybe next time I won't run off so fast. :)

  3. He *is* magically photogenic, isn't he?!? These photos are amazing!! Photographer and subject matter united in masterpieces!
    Peter - When y'all get the full size digital copes, please share with Gigi.
    Diana - Thanks for sharing!
    - MamaJolley/gg

  4. Wow, great pictures, Sharona. Diana, if you're reading this, you're gorgeous. Aww,Elek. He really is such a cool kid.

  5. Alissa - the Big SisNovember 24, 2009 at 10:45 AM

    Adorable - and not too old for my little Peepers either! Hey, Elek, give her a call in 16 years!

  6. great photos.....hey i'm not getting auto feed or e-mail even though i signed up........

  7. what a lovely looking young guy, great photos.!