Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oh, good morning, Desert. I love you, too.

I woke up this morning to the above view outside of the double glass doors of my room at A Lodge on the Desert. I didn't know I had this view when I drove up at eleven o'clock last night; all I knew was that it was very, very dark, and I was very, very sleepy, and I needed to climb into the rich, soft, red four-poster bed awaiting me and close my eyes. And then I woke, after the warmest and softest night's sleep of any room yet, and there it was. The view of a lifetime. This is all the more remarkable considering this place (complete with a kitchen) cost the same price as this place.

And then I went outside to take photos, and SERIOUSLY. Do you see the eagle in that second photo? THAT'S A MOTHER EFFING EAGLE WAKING ME TO THE DAWN. I swear the desert is trying to steal my soul with all of its scrubs and birds and mountains. It's TOO MUCH.

And now I'm off to the Pima Reservation in Arizona to rediscover my tan side! After stopping at a farm for some famous Hatch green chiles, that is...mmmm...
Oh, and more random photos from the road:


  1. Alissa - the Big SisDecember 12, 2009 at 10:44 AM

    Absolutely breath-taking! I wanna go there!

  2. Hey, no fair Alissa, I was going to say that!
    I'm also going to ignore the fact that you, Sharona, were standing in the middle of the road! That pic is my favorite...The Road to Nowhere!

  3. No task but to live! I love it!

  4. i am with okie. don't stop! i love all the textures and tones and the essence of everything you are seeing. great job.

  5. Now this is what I call God's country! The Garden of Allah is timeless. Your choice shots kick me back into on the road in the '60s. Love your POV from the driver's seat--aching nostalgia for the old folks. "In the early morning rain, with a dollar in my hand." Those were the days when it was still safe and sane to hitchhike this country. Okie sent me this cuz he knows me got blow sand in my soul.
    --rohjo (Western expat in NYC)

  6. It's absolutely shocking how gorgeous the SW is. Wow! I'm deeply regretting my decision to bail on the Great United Statesian Road Trip with each day!